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All Year Down Comforters about Hans Kruchen Naturdaunen
     Quality makes all the Difference -
Sleep with High Quality and Cruelty-Free Down!

We spend about one third of our lifetime asleep - and the quality of sleep has a high impact on our quality of life.
Make every minute count with our fine goose and duck down comforters from cruelty free down and feathers - with a high eco rating and sustainability, environment and animal welfare in mind. Surround yourself with good vibes and sleep with a clear conscience.

All down comforters and pillows are made in Germany and Oeko Tex, Downafresh/Daunsan, Nomite and Green Goose certified. Shells are woven so tightly that no dust mites can penetrate the products, to provide you with a clean sleep environment. Natural, sanitary, safe and chemical free down comforters from Germany's reputable producer of down products Hans Kruchen Naturdaunen - brought to you to the US by European Bliss Inc.

Made in Germany. All orders (within the USA) ship free within 24 hours from our warehouse in Los Angeles.
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german goose down pillow standard german goose down pillow king german goose down pillow 80x80cm 30x30 in
german down comforter goose twin 135x200cm german down comforter goose twin 135x220cm german duck down comforter 240x220cm
german down comforter goose queen 240x220cm german duck down comforter 260x220cm german down comforter goose queen 260x220cm
german goose down comforter 240x220cm german goose down comforter 260x220cm